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Bon Live, NY NJ PA DE Loopers

At 10:27 AM 11/4/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>Andre (of the east),
>>  In your post you asked about any New Jersey loopists. I'm here in
>>Southampton, n.j. Where are you located? 

I'm in red bank NJ. Central.

Also: Bon just played here in Mt.>>Holly at the Down to Earth Coffeehouse 
October. While I wasn't able to>>make this concert (had a gig in nearby
Medford same night) I understand he>>plays here a couple times a year. 

He's doing solo, live loop based show at Th Common Ground in Summit - uh,
the day after Thanksgiving . More details when i get 'em. Andre (east)

Any other Jersey loopists out there?
>>                    ---Paul Mimlitsch (Stick Player)
>I am a loopist, experimental guitarist here in Delaware about 45 min from