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Re: MIDI Loops

> haven't heard of it but it sounds *very* interesting. It's probably for 
> Mac, right? Is there a program like Max or JamFactory for the PC at all, 
> would one have to buy a Mac to do fancy Midi stuff?

Last I heard, Opcode felt there was not enough of a demand in the Windows
market to make a Windows version of Max.  Some alternatives:

1. Code your own.  I remember someone in the rec.music.computer newsgroup 
was working on a Max-like program for DOS or something like that.  This
might become easier once MIDI capabilities are added to Java.

2. Get NeXTStep for Intel processors, then try getting the NeXT version of
Max. This might be difficult, however, as the Next version is owned by
IRCAM. You might have to contact IRCAM directly about this.

3. Get a used 68K-based Mac. Might actually cost less than getting NextStep
and upgrading your hardware to accommodate it.

> A friend of mine saw Steve Hillage in concert recently. He used a 
>notebook or
> Powerbook but my friend didn't see what he did. What kind of things can 
> do with a Powerbook in concerts? Could one do similar things with a 
> running Windows?
> -Michael P

As far as MIDI is concerned, anything you can do with a desktop computer,
you can do with a Powerbook or other laptop. 

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