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Re: new standard tuning

I find it kind of interesting that people would switch from one tuning
to another (standard to New Standard), yet remain basically monogamous
in their choice.  I use a number of different tunings, each with their
own strengths and weaknesses.  Part of the motivation of NST is to
break out of the rut, but I'd be afraid of falling into a new one.  

It seems to me you could beat the bending problems simply by using
lighter strings.  It's not likely you could find a set of
off-the-shelf strings that would work well with NST anyway, given its
octave-and-a-fifth reach across the neck.  I have a lot of trouble
bending myself, because I use medium-gauge strings on an acoustic
guitar.  Forget breaking... I just don't have enough hand strength to
get more than 2 semitones with any sort of stability and accuracy.
This doesn't mean I've abandoned bending entirely, though.  I just use
it differently.  Quarter-tone bends for shading can be just as
effective as big bluesy bends, maybe more so.  And there's always
slide, or a whammy bar.  

And, to keep this on topic... those little quarter tone bends can be
used very effectively with looping.  I like playing the same slightly
bent note several times in a loop, dubbing over and over with
different shadings and emphasis.  It can make a very striking chorus,
especially if the note stands by itself rather than being buried in a


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