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Re: Aloha!

Hi Teed

>        I would love to see a list devoted to just the echoplex, if there 
>such a thing. No elitism implied here, I just don't have the time to read 
>all those other cool machines. Anybody else interested?

We do not write about machines any more. We use them. :-)
No serious, I guess about 80% is on non technical subjects and most of the
20% was about old machines or not yet existing ones.

I agree that it could be interesting to concentrate only on features and
tricks of a certain machine without bothering... ahmmm...

>  I would also like to receive the digest for awhile (with full 
>instructions on
>how to unsubscribe, if that becomes necessary, which it probably will). My
>brother told me that some servers have a "find" command that would make it
>possible for me to scan a digest and only find echoplex comments. If I 
>can make
>that work, I can probably keep receiving the digest, otherwise not.

Yep, I do that on other lists.

Another idea would be to separate better even by subjects. We could put a
letter in front of the subject, indicating kinds like
So a smart mail soft could probably even separate what you are interested
in. And its simpler and more flexible than having various lists.

Stay and play