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Re: How about a Loopers-Delight CD?

>Well this is a quite developping thing. I'm afrais i would not be able to
>pay 250$ for such a project, nut this double CD idea might lower the price
>for everyone, and i'm quite sure we would find enough qulity things to
>fill the thing....

Yes, that makes sense.
Since you are all guitar players (and some synth and marbles :-), I suggest
that we search for some other instruments to complete.

- In France lives David Hoppkins building and playing all kinds of
percussion instruments and flutes and so on. He made three CDs so far. The
one with only bambu instruments (but full 16 channel orchestra of them!) I
recorded and we used loops. He still uses the LOOP delay a lot, I hope.

- In Switzerland Matthias Ziegler uses the LOOP delay with bass and bariton
flutes. He got famous for playing with Andreas Vollenweider and has his own
CD out. I guess he plays in US, too.

- In San Franzisco Jim Mahoney sings solo concerts with a LOOP delay. I
have seen one and have some recordings here. Amazing african high pitch
jazz voice and mouth percussion. I have no Idea why he did not join the
He had a afro jazz band called Nomad and brought a beautyfull CD out (no
loops on it)

I doubt that those guys would pay to appear because they have their work
out. But it could make the LOOP CD richer.
Should I invite them?