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Re: Here we go again

Kim sez:

> My uncertainty is because I think there were several different problems
> which caused this. One of them may have been the thermal/cut-the-ic-pin
> problem. 
> The other bit of uncertainty is that there actually was a software 
> very early in the echoplex production. You can see the software version
> when you turn the power on, the current software will show LD3 3.2. The
> first 60-100 units had an earlier version, LD3 3.0.  Unfortunately, I 
> remember what was fixed in this upgrade. Could have been the loop
> degradation, but I don't know. What software version do you have Andre?

Kim --

I've got the 3.2 edition of the software.  And I finally cut the IC-pin 5
today (or rather, bent it upwards in a rather fascinatingly diagonal
position away from the socket), so things should be cool in any event. 
(Kncok on wood). 

Thanks as always for your assistance!