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Re: Tape Submissions

>>I am publishing the first issue of a poetry and music review magazine in
>>Philadelphia.  I would like to solicit tape/CD/press kit submissions for
>>Trey Gunn has agreed to interview for this first issue, and I would like
>>contributions from other highly talented individuals and groups.  I have 
>>soft spot for touchboard instrumentalists and looping enthusiasts, so
>>anything along these lines would be given the highest listening priority.
>>Victor Fiorillo
>>c/o COM
>>1914 Spruce Street
>>Philadelphia, PA  19103
>>Please inform me via email if you send any media.

>This mail was without any reaction on the list. Did someone send in stuff?
>I hope we do not loose this space.
>What does the result look like?


I received a few responses, no music yet.  I have received submissions 
from other lists.

Anyone is welcome to send material.  All will be thoughtfully considered.

Victor Fiorillo