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Re: exchanging ideas/PROPOSAL

For the exchange of loopers' ideas, we have several different proposals 
1. I started out proposing a tape exchange circle. Several list 
have expressed their interest. Such a circle would mean little cost and
little work except doing the recording, and putting it into the mail.
Unless we decide to use DAT, the result would be nice to listen to 
(which would be fine for me) but not good enough for some kind of
publication, but maybe this isn't intended.
2. Dan proposed to put it all on a web page which he would do as a school
survey project. This would be an elegant solution, wouldn't involve any
money, get us some publicity, and would nicely supplement our web page.
Kim asked how permanent this page would be. Dan?
3. David brought up the idea to do a CD. This would require some work
from someone who would realize the CD, and some money from the 
"Imagine if a CD costs $2500 and 10 musicians divided 76minutes and the
total cost..."
Ray Peck offered to do the work, "I can put together a comp CD of 
(What about your looppool project Matthias?)
So there we are. What do we do?