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When stuck -- how I create loops / ideas

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In a message dated 96-10-17 23:18:45 EDT, you write:

>>  Can we begin talking about how we compose, how we might use these 
>ideas in
>>  performance, what musical surprises have occurred, what mistakes became
>>  part of the texture ...
>>  Paul

>Good idea, why didn't you, then  ;-)

>I hav eno musical trainning (typo intended!!), so when I'm stuck for
>creativity, I use a "device" or "concept" to get some sound rolling.  For

>1)  using only "White" notes
>2)  spelling musical words with a seven letter alphabet (ABACAB...DUG)
>3)  creating only acending or descending melody lines
>4)  not using a particular fret-range.  i.e. 3-12

>The biggest advantage to the approach I've found is that I worry about
>"fulfilling the concept" and don't get hung-up on "is what I'm playing any
>good" just long enough that something can be born.  Too much attention to 
>get in the way.

>Anyone got a simple "device" to offer?

>In fact, it could be fun to hear the output from 10 loopists all using the
>same concept. 
>But then that's no different than listening to 10 different love songs I

>David Kirkdorffer

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Sounds like a good idea, but where do you get "U" as part of your musical 
Victor F., Philadelphia