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Re: When stuck -- how I create loops / ideas

>David Kirkdorffer confesses :-)
>>I have no musical trainning (typo intended!!), so when I'm stuck for
>>creativity, I use a "device" or "concept" to get some sound rolling.  For
>Without any such "device" or "concept" you get some sound rolling?
>>1)  using only "White" notes
>>2)  spelling musical words with a seven letter alphabet (ABACAB...DUG)
>>3)  creating only acending or descending melody lines
>>4)  not using a particular fret-range.  i.e. 3-12
>>The biggest advantage to the approach I've found is that I worry about
>>"fulfilling the concept" and don't get hung-up on "is what I'm playing 
>>good" just long enough that something can be born.  Too much attention 
>to can
>>get in the way.
>Pretty much my wave.
>How many people in the world would have this same talent and desire to 
>(closer in the original sense, here, if I understand you right) like you
>You think anyone can do it?
>Could it be a wave like Karaoke?
>I observed children liking it a lot.
>>In fact, it could be fun to hear the output from 10 loopists all using 
>>same concept.
>>But then that's no different than listening to 10 different love songs I
>Sisi, very different. Lets do it! At NAMM, for example ???

I to have utilized "compositional rules" that create a context within which
to create ... it may have nothing to do with music but rather the
interpretation of some reality ... for instance, telling the players to now
and for the next 5 minutes interpret the color yellow ... or any such
method where interpretation and improvisation can examine a theme.