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Re: "This thing should not exist!" or: Pain through Quadrophonics

>What happened, however, was that Miroslav found himself getting *seasick*
>from the experience.  Rather than getting the sensation of sound
>travelling around his head, he found his quad loop generated the sensation
>of his own body moving around the looped sound, even as he was lying on
>the ground in the middle of the speaker array.  He described it as a very
>disturbing sensation, remarking, "I had to wind up detroying this piece.
>I decided that this was a thing that should not exist."

Destroy it? I think a peice of music that is capable of generating such a
physical reaction is pretty interesting. I would be quite impressed with
myself if I was able to create music that caused the audience to get sick
and vomit on each other! Probably wouldn't get a lot of repeat customers,
but it might make for a rather compelling artistic statement of some sort
or another. I dimly recall some musician who was in search of a sound that
would cause the audience to spontaneously lose control of their
bowels....another thing you probably wouldn't want to try in an office


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