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Re: Amplifiers

Clark, a while ago:

>I was just thinking (i know, its a bad habit) since what is
>being reccommended here for looping is a full range amp
>system with a flat response how about a keyboard amp?  This
>way you could make loops with guitar and bass.

Reasonable. A keyboard amp is a guitar amp with linear input and tweeter?

> (or even keyboard, heaven forbid).


>There are plenty of mono kbd amps out there but i dont like
>the prospect of having to use (read: lug around) two amps.
>For this reason a stereo amp is key.

What would that look like? An amp with two cabinets?
Two active cabinets?
That would be lighter than two amps?
A preamp you do not really need, because you run through effects first.
So why not use any power amp with two cabinets?