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How about a Loopers-Delight CD?

>  On Sat, 19 Oct 1996, Dan Howarth wrote:
>  > this sounds good to me. how many of us are interested in contributing
>  > recordings/stuff? we can link off of the LD to the individual files at
>  > site, but i'll (for the sake of my grade) also set up a page of the
>  > and files at my end.
>  > 
>  > who's interested? 
You know --  I think I remember while I subscribed to the Ambient Digest, a
CD of material produced by the musicians on the list was created.

I'd be interested in working to pull together  such a project -- that is,
working on a CD of Loopers-Delight subscribers loops.

Imagine if a CD costs $2500 and 10 musicians divided 76minutes and the 

And we could call it Loopers-Delight! 

David Kirkdorffer