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Re: When? Where?

On Oct 18,  1:17pm, SayAaahh@aol.com wrote:
> Subject: When?  Where?

> > a piece I'm about to take on tour(iEAR MFA show) consists of an indian
> >  classical dancer wearing white with the position of being a living
>dancing  screen, a looping trigger percussionist, and
> guitar/looping/synthing/dancing.
> >
> >
> Sounds quite amazing.  Where are you performing?   When?
> David Kirkdorffer

this tour starts in two weeks(actually more like a week and ahalf!)
and hits Dartmouth, Bard, RPI and possible others including the Kitchen in
NYC. I'm not sure exactly. the admins are taking care of the bookings.

I'll work on getting documentation via vhs of some of our work here at iEAR
for future reference.

so, I know this cat named Sukandar that did some work with a six dsp box 
signal processing and such. Matthias you know him, did you ever see this
kinda work? sorry all, I'm kinda hung up on this design and build my own
effects thread right now. and will stay that way until i learn something...