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Re: Okay, let's get philosophical: Performance Theory time

Andre said....

>As I'm two weeks away from my own solo looping performance, I'm
>thinking about the sheer performance environment aspect, and how the
>visual/mechanical aspects of looping can affect the audience's perception
>of the music.  Anyone have any thoughts on any of the above?

I've only played two solo looping gigs but both times I've heard people
muttering things about synthesizers and keyboards.  That's face it....most
people have never been exposed to the idea of looping....or delay for that
matter (I'm speaking of the average Joe/non-musical person here).
Heck...even my girlfriend, whom I've explained the concept to many times
before, still doesn't quite grasp it.  Hopefully your music will speak
through the "that guy isn't playing those sounds" questions.  Playing a
"traditional" guitar solo (I'm a guitarist....please forgive my bias) over
the top of a loop, in my opinion, helps to remind people that you really
are playing your instrument....even if they don't understand the technical
aspects of your whole performance.


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