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Re: Okay, let's get philosophical: Performance Theory time

> As I'm two weeks away from my own solo looping performance, I'm 
> thinking about the sheer performance environment aspect, and how the 
> visual/mechanical aspects of looping can affect the audience's 
> of the music.  Anyone have any thoughts on any of the above?
> --Andre

I'm three weeks away from a series of live looping shows.  I've been 
seeking out performance opportunities that avoid a "staged" performance.  
I'm going to be playing in several office buildings, in atrium lobbies.  
I'll be set up off to the side, filling the space with sound, and not 
expecting to be a visual focal point for the audience (the audience will 
most likely be just passing through anyway).  I'm thinking it will be 
somewhere between performance and installation.  In regards to the 
audience's perception, we'll have to wait and see.