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Re: Without hesitation, Echoplex is worth it -- and that's from a person whogripes!

>In a message dated 96-10-17 09:07:10 EDT, you write:
>>   I've been
>>  thinking of "ramping up" to the Echoplex from my JamMan, but you guys
>>  me.  If it requires this much tweaking to do the simpliest of 
>>  it still worth it??
>For anyone who has doubts about the Echoplex based on some of the gripes
>people are nattering on about (including me) -- let me mention any JamMan
>player to whom I've shown my Echoplex have been very very impressed.
>There are just so many features IN the Echoplex the JamMan does not offer.
>The JamMan is a fine tool, I'm sure -- and the has excellent sound 
>quality as
>I remember it.  But given the choice, I'd definately pay $500 for an 
>rather that own two JamMen  @ $250 each.  In fact I did xactly that.
>Truth be told -- the final thing tipping the scale for me --  and this 
>sound strange to some I know -- is I was afraid Oberheim would collapse 
>the Echoplex would be impossible to find ever again.
>How about that then?
>David Kirkdorffer

Fine then ... then let's call this the Echoplex Users Group because if the
bulk of you use it, and have nothing to talk about other than
idiosyncracies of the box, then let's not advertise this as a loopers page.
It has become tedious day after day to log on and find 95% of my mail
discussion the internal compression problems of this box.  If you have to
put a compressor in front of a device in order for it to operate properly,
you have already changed the sound of the original guitar signal enslaving
yourselves right away to bells and whistles.  The Jamman within its
limitations, does not do this and it can be driven very hard, cleanly, with
good results as far as the loop is concerned.

I would prefer a dialectic that offered a more diverse discourse on music
making with looping as a fundamental element rather that this going on
about the IC board of a box.