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Re: Analog Echoplex

At 02:55 PM 10/17/96 -0700, you wrote:
>On Thu, 17 Oct 1996, Victor Fiorillo wrote:
>> I just found an analog echoplex in mint condition for $250.00.  Is that 
good price?
>I've seen mint Echoplexes for sale around LA for as much as $450.  That's 
>a very good price, I'd say.  However, I'm led to believe that the 
>original tape 'plexes needed to have their tapes changed periodically.  
>Can anyone back me up on this?

prices depend on whether it is the original tube echoplex or the slightly
later solid-state version made by Maestro. Try to guess which one is worth

$250 is probably for the solid state version. You can tell those because
they are in a black case. The tube version was green. The tube one is 
prized, probably going for $450 and up if you can even find one. If you 
to sound like Hendrix or Eric Johnson, you want tubes. Either one will
probably give you that tape hiss/warmth that some people like so much. This
is all heresy, of course, cause I've never actually use either one.

You can get tapes form Jim Dunlop.  

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