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Re: tools to create music

Chris Chovit:
>...strikes a chord with me.  I like the idea of creating tools to create
>music...i don't think its cheating...I mean, where does the music come 

Very interesting!
I had a brilliant day with maybe the most creative instrument builders of
the world, Marco Antonio Guimaraes of the group UAKTI.

He creates all himself with wood, glass, plastic tubes...

So that very day (complete incredible acident, considering some more facts
that led to the meeting) he had a demonstration for the Sri Aurobindo group
and showed his "improvising instrument"
It consists of a set of tuned tubes hangin around a hammer, that hangs on a
semi stiff plastic that is driven by a motor. So the hammer slowly comes in
motion and the motions becomes aleatoric, playing a melody on the tubes
around the hammer.

The thing was: We were laying on the floor around the instrument and
listende to it for half an hour. I could never note any patern repeating
but nevertheless started to feel the notes before they were coming!
You probably know that feeling when you improvise with someone and you know
him and you predict where the melody is going, and you think that you can
predict it because you understood the guys musical thinking.
But how is this possible with a machine? How does it really happen between
people? This experience confirmed my improvisation seek:

IMPROVISATION is a way to learn to get to the state where you can PREDICT
or READ in the world documentation.

The loop definitally fascilitates this.


Marco Antonios teacher actually was a swiss that lived and died 10 years
ago in Salvador: Smetak. He was much crazyer, looking for microtuning and
"decomposition". He wrote 35 mystical books that noone really understands
(also due to his swiss portugese). But the popular creators like Caetano
Veloso and Gilberto Gil loved him. Seams he was a great person. I have seen
his instruments and was impressed by the creativity. Less so for the sound
quality. Marco Antonio is more practical in this.
Have a look at http://www.gilbertogil.com.br/taktak_0.htm