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Re: Looks like it's cool...

Matthias asked:
> By the way... how is Michaels noise?
thanks for asking Matthias. Haven't done anything about it yet. I think it
boils down to taking the whole setup apart and rewiring it, which will take
at least a day. Most of what has to be rewired is integrated in a 2-m high
metal rack which also holds my stereo, the old Revox (half of my own
Peterstronics which I used for gigs in the early 1980s), records, the synth
part of an old Minimoog, 4-trk recorder, ... <sigh> it all looks quite good
but doesn't sound good.
> He gave me two tapes of his loops and I think its very serious stuff
> - and without noise!
If you listen closely, you'll hear it sometimes.
-Michael Peters