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Re: More on polyrhythms

On Mon, 14 Oct 1996, The Man Himself wrote:

> As has been mentioned here before, the Vortex has two independent 
> which are programmed as subdivisions of a basic pulse rather than in 
> terms of milliseconds.  Each delay can be subdivided from 1 to 64, which 
> lends itself to all sorts of wierd polyrhythmic possibilities.  (At last 
> I can cop those chart-topping 17 against 33 polyrhythms.  Get Glen 
> Ballard on the phone now!)

This polyrhythm stuff reminds me of "The King Crimson Barbershop
Quartet", a little Tony Levin piece tacked onto the end of the "Frame
By Frame" boxed set...

"So sit back and have some fun
And tap your foot in twenty-oooone...."

A rare moment of Crimso levity.  :}


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