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Re: hum cancelling

Dear Michael

Do not trust in another "cancelling" device. FIX the problem!

>Guitar picks are not the problem, there is hum without guitars as well. I
>guess I have to rewire everything ...

Arn't guitar picks little plastic triangles.... making "'tack" not "hum"?

>Hey, it's great to participate in a mailing list which is so responding!
>Thanks again.

mmmm - thats just the first eurphoric trance....
One day we will have to go back to work and leave the chat. But so far, I
think its incredible how much information of all types we collected:
That's why I think its so important to organize and offer this info. Then
we go on creating and just complete the info from time to time. Otherwhise
the list keeps repeating the same stuff forever, I see that in other lists.