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Re: Echoplex heating up?

Rob wrote:
>I noticed on Harmony Central effects reviews that a user had a thermal
>problem with the Echoplex containing a full 16MB of memory, so that 
>some of the controls would not respond.  Has anyone had this problem,
>and also heard of possible solutions?

Yes, I did.  In fact the first plex I took home was so screwed up, it went
back to the dealer next day, and I went into the back and picked out one in
a sealed box.  Given the enormous amount of money I had just spent, this 
nothing for confidence.

However, the second one is fine and has been running for a year, no probs.
The symptoms were very odd, like function buttons on the footpedal not
"talking" correctly to the box.  Incidentally, this had nothing to do with
being loaded with 16MB, it did it right out of the box with 12 sec config.
The salesman told me one other guy had the same problem, and that it was
"solved" by racking the Obie away from other devices.

Since I REALLY REALLY wanted the features of this box, and the second unit
worked fine, I've stuck with it.  And then of course there are still the
(more than) occasional pop on reverse (which can be minimized by picking
"just" the right moment to reverse) and "start point" problems remaining.

No one has mentioned the thermal problem, and I'd nearly forgotten about 
I took the precaution of putting the Obie at the bottom of the rack, with 
empty space above it, and then all other devices above it. I don't know if
it's necessary and I wish I could rack it wherever I want...but so far, so 

Kim - what's the sordid tale on this little problem?  Hopefully limited to
some of the first few that shipped???  

dave at studio seventeen

p.s.  no matter what, get the Obie.  It does SO MUCH MORE than the JAMMAN
(which I tried for a month) it's more than worth the difference in money.

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