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Re: Boomerang

>michael, wie gehts...
>I tried the boomerang in dallas and enjoyed it. I've talked to the makers
>also. they live in and around dallas - I'll try to find my notes.
>the boomerang does some interesting halftime things and reversals all in a
>single floor box.
>seems like I coulda gotten a full blown for less than $500us

Thing that bugs me about the boomerang is the low sample rate. Only 16khz!
That means an audio bandwidth of about 6-7khz, probably. Might be ok for an
electric guitar with humbuckers, if you're not very picky. For the half
speed mode it cuts the sample rate in half, meaning about a 3khz bandwidth.
You'd probably notice the poor sound quality if you recorded in that mode,
unless your instrument of choice was a sine wave. For $500 I'd want better
audio quality. These days, the cheapo multimedia audio codecs sound
reasonably good and only cost a manufacturer about $4.


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