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Re: hyperprism

On Oct 4,  9:45am, Matthias wrote:

jah, wie gehts?

I know titos... (Georges Jaroslaw) for about a year and a half.
also he is old friend with one of my professors.
call him or email him for your suggestions. the echotranz runs on
ppc(looper), but hyperprism also runs 68k and tdm.
georges lives in san fran with his company, arboretum.
look up www.arboretum.com

how are you? good?


> I just know that Hyperprism is a french (?) soft package that runs on 
> and contains all kinds of effects.
> Are they programmable in a suficiantly free way, so we can use it as a
> looper, the way we like it?
> Would it make sense to propose them a few modifications to improve this
> Matthias
>-- End of excerpt from Matthias