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Re: a good book

> Another great text is "Stockhausen on Music", which is a
> collection of essays and interviews. Very inspirational
> -dt

For a nice short & sweet intro to Stockhausen essays and interviews, 
there's a small collection called "Towards a Cosmic Music" which talks 
equally about musical technique and "spiritual" matters such as the 
design of the cosmos (a phrase Stockhausen uses often) and other more 
general topics that may not be directly relevent to most discussions on 
music, but are very amusing at the least.  

I'll have to get a copy of the Prevost book- I had the good fortune to see
AMM play live here in Austin, Texas (I have no idea what forces got them
here, but I won't complain).  Those who may be interested in group improv
or free music in general should investigate their work.  The guitarist,
Keith Rowe, does many amazing things to/with his instrument.  Seeing as
most of us listmembers are playing fretted string instruments, perhaps a
discussion of prepared guitar techniques would be relevant?  I couldn't
see so well from my seat at the AMM show, but he had his guitar on a
table, and played it with various obejects: springs, nails, metal ruler,
bits of junk, and he also had some kind of pick up at the nut. The kinds 
of sounds that came forth from his instrument were other-worldly to say 
the least.  I bought a CD at the show, their label is:
Matchless Recordings and Publishing
2 Shetlock's Cottages, Matching Tye, near Harlow,
Essex CM17 0QR, UK
Tel: 0279 731 517
I don't know how easy it is to find their recordings in the US, there's a 
specialty record shop here in Austin that carries a lot of 
experimental/improv music and they've probably got some AMM CDs which I 
could pick up for any interested folks.  

Also, there are a few used gear shops here. Austin's slogan is "live 
music capital of the world", it's actually amateur music capital - and 
most of the live music in town is guitar-based.  Since many of the 
guitarists (who are a dime a dozen) are tube-heads, vintage used gear 
abounds.  I'll keep my eyes open for TC sustainers and cool gadgets that 
seem to come up on the list. (although I'm keeping the first TC 
compressor- I'm using a Morley compressor pedal that's pretty noisy)