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Re: Beginner questions

Rob Martino asked:
>Is it a situation where I would want certain effects (like reverb)
>to be after the looping device, to prevent the overdubs from sounding to

There are two good reasons to place the reverb after the loop:

1. You want the reverb in stereo and you probably do not want to spend a
second looping device just for this (Echoplex can be stereo synced)

2. While building the loop you maybe do not know what clima will come up,
so it is very interesting to be able to change the character of the
ambience, say the reverb time, while the loop is running.

>Next question:  will the Echoplex let you create polyrythmic loops, so
>that you could do one loop in 4/4, and another in 3/4 on top of it so that
>you'd have a scontinual shifting sort of effect going on?

So far just with two synced Echopleci