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Re: Amplification

>On 9 Oct 1996, Teed Rockwell wrote:
>> Paolo,
>> I've tried both of your solutions. The built in line out from my amp 
>> better than no amp at all, but not as good as the sound of the amp 
>itself. I
>> record by miking my big amp, and wish I had a small amp that had the
>>same great
>> tone. Any suggestions?
>Have you tried a Marshall or Kolbe speaker load box?  These devices
>put a big reactive load on the amp, enough to preclude the need for a
>speaker (so they're big boxes with heat sinks, not some little teeny
>thing like the Red Box), and they make the power tubes behave they way
>guitarists expect.  You can also use them to just drag the volume down
>to reasonable levels for your regular speakers.  I've heard the
>Marshall Power Brake and it's quite impressive.

I've heard good things about the THD hotplate and Holdworth's Harness. I've
heard negative impressions of the Marshall. Is this the same one they've
had for a while? I'll probably end up using some such device to feed my
loops, now that I'm irrevocably becoming a tube amp geek.


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