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Re: Echoplex/Jamman/Books/Etc.

Chris Chovit wrote:

> PLus, the
>echoplex can be controlled via MIDI, whereas the JamMan is limited in its
>MIDI implementation:  you can only sync it to a MIDI beat clock.  Now that
>memory prices have come down, I feel that you get more for you dollar with
>the Echoplex:
>Jam Man w/ 32 sec will cost you ~$450
>Echoplex w/ 108 sec will cost you ~$600

 Chris , where did you get your 108 sec  'Plex ? The best price I've heard
lately is $575 for 12 sec model incl. footswitch. Also Ram prices have
risen a bit lately and 4Mb chips for the 'Plex are $43 from Chip Merchants.
They have had the lowest prices I've seen. So that would be $172 more to
fully load it at 198 sec.

Also, although the MIDI implementation for the JamMan is limited and I'd
bet not as extensive as the 'Plexs' , you can do a bit more than just sync
to a MIDI clock. There are 20 program change messages you can send to cover
things such as tap, layer,mute, fading loops , cueing loops,etc. I really
envy you guys with the Echoplexes as it will probably be a while before I
can afford one and I'm really lusting for one.

Matthias was the book you mentioned by Peter Michael Hamel called " Through
Music to the Self " ?

A couple of other books worth mentioning are two by Joachim- Ernst Berendt
called " Nada Brahma- The World is Sound " and "The Third Ear" , and one by
R. Murray Schafer called " The Soundscape - Our Sonic Environment and the
Tuning of the World ". ( I wonder if Fripp coined his recent loops from
this title?). Some of these get a little esoteric and/or metaphysical. One
thing I've noticed about loops are their meditational or trance inducing
qualities. And speaking of trance inducing has anyone checked out the
recent release by Michael Brook and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan called " Night
Song " ? Loops and vocals with tablas and other stuff. Nice.

                     Loop on     Ed Drake