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Re: roots

Chris said:

>Apparently, Bach never "finished" his more complex fugues, ie. he never
>carried out the piece to its logical completeness.  He left that open for
>the listener to do.  If one was aware of the underlying pattern of the
>music, he could finish the piece himself.
>I guess the point I am trying to make with all this is that there is a
>dimension to a musical performance which involves how a piece is 
>to the listener.  Music can be meaningful in so many ways.  To me, looping
>music (in particular) can be meaningful on an emotional level (perhaps,
>repetition has something to do with this, like a mantra) and on an
>intellectual level (perhaps, due to the complexity which results by
>combining simple, fundamental parts).

Do you say that music can be interesting for the not played parts?
If we repeat a simple background, the listener starts to hear his own
melody, even whistles (improvising) with it. So this would be a simple way
to teach music improvisation to any one.
Such music then does not carry its own message but a base for the listeners
message (to himself?).