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vortex / steim

hi all,
1. I just came back from a London shopping weekend. Tried to buy a Vortex
but wasn't successful - all Vortices were gone, and everybody kept telling
me that Lexicon has discontinued making them.
2. bought Eno's diary 'A Year with Swollen Appendices' (looking forward
a lot to reading that) as well as David Toop's 'Ocean of Sound' book and 
Almost finished the book already. A must for anyone interested in 'new
music' or, as Toop prefers, 'open music', from Varese to Free Jazz, from 
to the Minimalists. Very informative, and a great read. I was already 70%
finished writing a 'History of Looping' page for our Looping website, but
this book gave me a couple of new infos and insights so I'll have to rework
parts of the page.
3. Continuing the Buchla / strange Midi controllers thread: Be sure to 
the site of Amsterdam's STEIM center at
if you're interested in unusual instruments and controllers.