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BIOS: Last minute info!

Folks --

The master list is nearly assembled.  I will probably transmit the 
completed list to Kim (and to this list) at some point tomorrow 
afternoon.  There is still time to get a bio in if you haven't already 
done so.

These are the last names of people who have entries in the list:

            helm, matthias, rockwell, henry, mccabe, rosser, hickey, 
michael, stafford, chovit, howarth, morriss, stafford, hyams, murrell, 
stagner, killian, orton,lafosse, madson, peters, durant, poplawski, 
flint, malhomme, poppen.

If you sent a bio but don't see your name here, please send me a 
duplicate of the info and feel free to dock me a week's pay.

It'll be here soon, folks.  Thanks again.