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Re: New/old toys!

When I find out more, and gather some experience with it, I'll do a
nice writeup for you, Kim.  In the meantime, feel free to put my
comments on the web page.  :}  

If any of you run across another one of these babies and don't want
it, let me know.  But I suspect that if you do find one, you'll be
snapping it up yourself.  That's what *I'd* do!  It does two things
the JamMan doesn't do that I've really missed.  First, it lets you use
it as a regular delay, with regular feedback control, and turn on
infinite repeat when you like what you have.  Second, you can vary the
pitch of the content of the delay with the delay time knob.  Hee!  I
used to own a Digitech Two Second Delay, and the controls are similar.
The big difference is that the Echotron's sound doesn't suck all the
life out of my tone.  Yay!


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